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Culinary workshops

The culinary workshops of the Villa MONIN

Take advantage of your stay in Bourges to visit the Villa MONIN and discover our culinary workshops. In the heart of the Cour des Chefs, you can discover a place dedicated to cocktail and cooking classes led by the starred chef, Thierry Finet.

Cooking classes

Come and participate in one of our cooking classes with the starred chef Thierry Finet and discover various recipes to satisfy your loved ones with different themes.

Seafood menu, land & sea menu, bistro cuisine, reception menu, gourmet menu: discover a wide variety of courses to learn new dishes. Take part in 45-minute workshops to learn how to cook a particular dish, or in two-hour courses to learn how to prepare a complete menu to surprise your guests.

Rediscover the essentials of French cuisine and discover flavors from elsewhere with the world cuisine workshops.

Discover the other courses

Do you want to learn how to bake or make cocktails like a professional?
Discover our pastry, cooking and mixology classes! You will enjoy learning pastry with a chef and making cocktails like a bartender. With friends or family, you can share your love for gastronomy with other culinary arts enthusiasts.
Learn to cook new recipes for dishes and pastries to share a convivial and greedy moment with your loved ones, and add a touch of audacity to your meals by learning to make surprising cocktails. With MONIN's know-how, you will amaze more than one with your new knowledge of culinary arts!
Discover now all our culinary workshops and reserve your place to participate! Satisfy your thirst for knowledge with the workshops offered at Villa MONIN.


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