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Come and live an experience around tea and coffee with a hint of MONIN syrup in the bar Le 1912 of Villa MONIN! For an afternoon or an evening, taste exclusive drinks that will delight young and old and amaze your senses. Whether you are a cocktail lover or not, you will surely find the drink that will delight your taste buds!

Your tea/coffee shop

A unique tea and coffee experience

During your visit in our city or in the city of Bourges, come to stop to spend the time of an afternoon in our tea room. From noon to night, the bar Le 1912 turns into a tea room before waking up in the night. Enjoy your favorite hot drinks and iced teas before the evening arrives to enjoy your Piña Colada or other delicious cocktails. Enlivened by the atmosphere of our villa and our know-how, our tea room bar offers you an incomparable experience around your favorite drinks and cocktails, a true journey of flavors honored by the MONIN know-how. 

Our bar Le 1912 offers you a unique experience around tea and coffee, as well as all your favorite drinks, with a delicious touch of our famous MONIN syrups. With family or friends, come and discover the menu of our bar and tea room to spend a delicious moment around a good drink.

An evening in your cocktail bar

Find a menu of "signature" cocktails

Spend an unforgettable evening in your cocktail bar in Bourges and discover our unforgettable cocktail menu. Signature cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails or alcoholic cocktails await you for the most beautiful of gustatory journeys sublimated by the perfumes of the unavoidable syrups of the MONIN house. Enjoy exclusive cocktail recipes that you won't find anywhere else, reflecting all the know-how of our head bartender. The bar Le 1912 will undoubtedly become the best cocktail bar and will make your heart capsize by its gustatory journey.

Don't wait any longer to come and spend your evening in our hidden bar in the heart of the Villa MONIN and enjoy the most delicious and gourmet cocktails, with the sweet touch of MONIN syrups.


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