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Pastry workshops

A wide variety of pastry courses

For all pastry lovers, Villa MONIN offers workshops on various themes. Share your love of cooking with other enthusiasts. The secrets of French pastry will no longer hold any secrets for you, come and learn these wonderful gourmet recipes. Please your friends and family by reproducing them at home.

Learn how to bake various delicacies: puff pastry, choux pastry, Saint-Honoré, pastry cream, Paris-Brest...

Moments to share around the pastry

Fall back into childhood with our pastry workshops on old-fashioned desserts: Sabayon, crème brûlée and petits pots de lait are on the menu to teach you how to make the desserts that rocked your youth and that of your parents.

To share a good time with the family, Villa MONIN offers workshops for parents and children to get their hands dirty together and learn to cook as a family!

Discover must-have pastry recipes during special workshops such as the one dedicated to macaroons or chocolate. Learn these recipes to reproduce them at home and amaze your family's taste buds by helping them rediscover their favorite pastries.

Share delicious moments around pastry, with your family, friends and other enthusiasts!

Discover the other workshops

Are you more interested in savory cuisine or cocktails? Villa MONIN offers you a tour of its workshops at the Cour des Chefs. Discover the cooking classes to learn how to cook like a chef or the mixology classes to make cocktails like a professional!


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