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Mixology workshops - 1h30

Mixology courses at Villa MONIN

For the more adventurous, the mixology classes open their doors to you.
Our professional bartender will accompany you during our mixology workshops to learn how to make many cocktails. From classic cocktails to more elaborate ones, come and discover the subtleties of mixology with a professional in the field! Thanks to our cocktail classes, learn how to make drinks to surprise your guests and manage your own cocktail bar from home during your parties.

Learn to make cocktails with MONIN syrups

Discover flavour combinations worthy of the greatest cocktail bars by learning to make cocktails with well-known spirits such as Vodka and Rum and MONIN syrups. Our head bartender will accompany you for 1h30 to help you discover the subtleties of mixology.

Mixology workshops on rums and the Caribbean or workshops on vodka-based essentials: you choose the course that suits you best! During these workshops, you will learn all the mixology techniques: shaker methods, variations of existing recipes, garnish, etc.

Come meet us on Fridays at 5:30 pm and let your imagination run wild as we create cocktails and decorate them.

Find MONIN syrups in your favorite cocktails

With our mixology workshops, you will be able to create your own original cocktails with the MONIN know-how like a professional bartender.

During our classes, discover many recipes made with various flavors of MONIN syrups. Learn how to make the classic and favorite cocktails of the French such as the Mojito, the Piña Colada, the Mai Tai or the Cosmopolitan.

Come and take part in our mixology classes with your partner or friends and enhance your most beautiful cocktails with the know-how and flavors of MONIN syrups.


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